World Premier of Sinterklaas Movie at a Walk Up Theater near you on Thanksgiving Day!

With folks tired of watching things online, Sinterklaas has a new innovation that speaks of times of old–when folks went outside and walked by the Holiday windows in a town and got a visual treat along with a breath of fresh air.  Such treats will be in store for those who come to Rhinebeck.  Starting on Thanksgiving Day, folks can come into the center of town and seek out the window of Winter Sun /Summer Moon and the world premiere of the Sinterklaas movie will be yours to behold.  Set in a beautiful landscape created by Broadway Set Designer and Painter Richard Prouse in tribute to this year’s Honored Animal, the Frog, the 10-minute movie tells the compelling story of Frog’s invitation to lead the Sinterklaas Parade having to be postponed by the cancellation of this year’s event.  Undaunted and committed to the children of Rhinebeck’s joy, the Frog, through magic of a stellar sort, makes his way into Rhinebeck to gift Sinterklaas Stars and let the children know that Sinterklaas will be back in 2021.  Based on a story by Sinterklaas creator, Jeanne Fleming and Grumpus Choreographer Martha Tobias the animation was created by artist Liz Howls with music by Dan Dukich.  It will play on a 15-minute loop throughout the holiday season.

Bonus Treat!

After folks watch the film, they can walk down the block to Samuel’s Sweet Shop and get their own complimentary Bag of Gummy Frogs!

Or, folks can do it the other way around–get your Gummy Frogs and a Sinterklaas Star at Samuels FIRST and then munch away while you watch the film holding YOUR illuminated Star!

This year’s unique Sinterklaas Star will also be available at many other shops along the way…and be folks should be sure to notice that EVERY window on Market St. and in houses throughout the town the STARS are displayed as a wish for the future, when we can all be together again.

Says Jeanne Fleming, “We couldn’t do Sinterklaas this year as usual, so we made a movie for everyone to enjoy–but one that you can see outside in the fresh December air, while you can enjoy the Village lit up with Stars as you munch on a delicious Gummy Frog!”

The movie will be available online as well as a reading of the Blessing of the Frog by Father Richard McKeon of the Church of Messiah–a Sinterklaas pageant tradition that goes back a dozen years.
For more information, email

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