Rhinebeck FOOD PANTRY TODAY 10-1

Church of Messiah parking lot. Rhinebeck.
Meat Available.
No residency requirement.
Please wear masks, gloves (if possible) and follow social distancing guidelines and instructions.
All are welcome. No judgement. Be well. Stay well.

6436 Montgomery Street

Rhinebeck New York



  1. Hi gr8full – I am a volunteer with the Jayne Brooks Food Pantry based in the Church of the Messiah. It looks like posts reminding everyone about our Food Pantry stopped in April. Would it be possible to post reminders every Friday and Saturday indefinitely to let them know we are open every Saturday for the entire community, no questions asked, from 10 – 1? The post from April 25th is fine but would be great if we could continue to send it out 1-2x/week. I could provide more info if that would help.

    Thanks for your help!

    1. Hi there, Maggie Salamone editor and founder of the Rhinebeck community forum, ( gr8full)also one of the social media people (Facebook) for the Church of the Messiah. I’ve been a parishioner since 1987. Pantry does such good work, I’m in contact with Gina Fox- and I sometimes get updates directly. As a matter fact you sent me an update regarding the food pantry in the past-
      if you send me updates I will update, if I don’t get sent anything, nothing goes on the blog. Although I do post weekly on Facebook.

      I won’t post twice a week but I will post twice a month, if sent.

      Feel free to send me the info you’d like to see on the blog. Thanks for all you do!
      Best, Maggie
      Please send it to my email address you have it.

      1. Hi Maggie and thank you for your reply and for all you are doing for Rhinebeck, truly wonderful.

        Just so I understand (apologies for my confusion), but is this correct:
        – Someone has been sending you the Church of the Messiah/Jayne Brooks Food Pantry posts I see on RCF, each one separately, and that source has stopped sending?
        – You do not do regular or scheduled reposts, each post represtents a new request to post which someone has sent you?
        – Even if I sent you a post request each week, you would only post for 2 of the 4 weeks/month (we would like to remind people each week)

        What is the best way for me to send you posts and do you think it is better to post on Friday or Saturday prior to 10AM?

        Thanks again for all your help,

      2. Tammy , One of the last email’s I received about the pantry was from you personally- I sent you an email You’ll see what I’m talking about – Thanks !

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