Town of Rhinebeck

Message From the Town Supervisor Elizabeth Spinzia

Caring for Rhinebeck During COVID-19

Governor Cuomo has said that we can expect to be in this current state of “remaining at home” and “social distancing” until June 1st to mid-June, at the very earliest, with an incremental “return to normal”, over the course of about two months after that. Per the State and County Departments of Public Health:

Stay at home
Covid-19 is expected to peak in about 2-3 weeks
All playgrounds are closed
No social gatherings; local law enforcement will monitor and can issue violations
Summer programs will probably be cancelled and the Town pool will most likely be closed
All non-essential construction projects are halted unless there is a sole worker on the job site.
Please go to our County website: See:

“COVID-19/Coronavirus Information and Updates”
“Dutchess Responds”
“COVID-19 Data Dashboard”
While the Town Hall remains closed to the public, it is partially staffed Monday – Thursday from 11am – 3pm. Our daily business is now conducted by phone calls, mail, email, scheduled drop offs and pick ups, and on-line meetings.


In addition to their regular duties, our Town of Rhinebeck staff and I have started a program to Support Our Seniors during this crisis. 

We have contacted all of our residents who had depended on our Senior Van Service for weekly shopping and to everyone in the Town with a Senior Star Exemption to let them know that we are available to help.  

Working with two Rhinebeck Resident Volunteer Coordinators, Graham Hanson and David Ping, we have created a program to help those who have no alternative support system for non-emergency needs by referred each person in need to a small group of vetted community volunteers who can assist with picking up essential items. 

We’ve advised our seniors to call Town Hall. If the request is beyond the scope of what the volunteer group can handle, we will attempt to identify another community resource to address that need. We are very concerned about the health and well-being of all of our community members and are dedicated to assisting all that are in need.

If you are a Rhinebeck Senior, in need of non-emergency support, or know someone who is, please call 876-3409, extension 3, and leave a message. Our Town of Rhinebeck staff will be monitoring the line from Monday – Friday, 9am– 4pm and will return your call to assign you a volunteer who can help. I cannot stress enough how amazing our Town of Rhinebeck staff is.

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