Rhinebeck, New York….Ruge’s Automotive today announced that fundraising for Families for Astor which took place there during Rhinebeck’s Porchfest event has resulted in total proceeds of over $4,000. The funds were secured through three different channels that day – a donation of $250 per vehicle sold by Ruge’s, a lemonade stand that was run by Families for Astor, and an auction coordinated by Ruge’s and Families for Astor. Proceeds will support renovation projects at the Astor Home for Children. 

Joe Monaco, Director of Sales and Marketing at Ruge’s Automotive, said, “Porchfest is an incredible event that really brings people together for the common good, with the event itself serving as a platform to raise funds for Rhinebeck’s Community Park. Once we decided to sponsor it and to host a performance at our Chestnut Street property, we felt compelled to use our participation as an opportunity to also do something positive for the children who live at Astor. We got in touch with the team there, and everyone quickly got to work.”

Added Kristin Ruge Hutchins, President of Ruge’s Automotive, “Families for Astor youth members put together a lemonade stand and raised over $1,000 alone. It’s incredible that so many young people spend their free time volunteering to help kids who are less fortunate in many ways; it’s so inspiring. Our team at Ruge’s also raised nearly $2,000 in additional funds from sales of vehicles that day, and then the auction, which was a collaborative effort between Ruge’s and Families for Astor, secured about another $1,000. It’s heartwarming to be part of something that helps the kids at the Astor Home; we’re thrilled to have created this partnership.”

Said Kate Kortbus, Families for Astor Committee and Chair of the Board, Children’s Foundation of Astor (of the work of the Families for Astor children): “Families for Astor’s participation in Porchfest is a clear example of our mission: kids helping kids. Through our partnership with Ruge’s, we were able to set up a lemonade stand and offer baked goods. The community was drawn to the children’s audible advertising to ‘come and support a local cause for kids’. Many patrons pressed the kids to explain what Astor is and with such clarity, the kids of FFA talked about the mental health issues that Astor kids struggle with. Together they raised over $1000 and felt the power of philanthropy and community that day.”

Ruge’s also hosted a Sensory Safe Space during Porchfest this year, as part of Anderson Center for Autism and the Village of Rhinebeck’s work to make the Village an Autism Supportive Community. 

“There are so many ways a community can work together to enhance life for other people,” said Joe Monaco. “It’s rewarding to see what you can do in just one day. Between the money raised for Astor, the Sensory Safe Space, and the overall positive outcomes of Porchfest itself, we’re reminded of how lucky we are to work and live in a place where people are always coming together to support those in need.”

For more information about Porchfest, visit To learn more about Ruge’s Automotive, visit, or Families for Astor, visit

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