Short-term Vacation Rental Legislation Approved

The Village Board of Rhinebeck has approved new legislation regarding short term rentals in the Village. The vote on September 10th came after two years of discussion and debate in committees, workshops and meetings. The Board voted to allow un-hosted home rentals in Rhinebeck, but with strict rules, guidelines and requirements.

Short term rentals became a major issue in Rhinebeck due to the increasing popularity of online platforms like Airbnb and VRBO. Homeowners are able to make extra money, and in some cases keep their homes, by renting to tourists. Tourists are welcome here, and bring a boost to the local economy.

However, other residents were concerned about the effects on neighborhoods, services, and schools. Rhinebeck Village is a close knit community, and there were concerns about safety, traffic, parking, and noise in our quiet neighborhoods.

The board wanted to find a healthy balance between economic growth and encouraging tourism, while protecting resident’s quality of life. Two years on, we have had extensive discussions with people on both sides of the issue, as well as zoning and other departments. This input helped us shape the new legislation.

The rules require that the property for rent must be the owners primary residence. Owners must apply to the Village for a permit, renewable on an annual basis. An inspection will make certain that the rental complies with regulations, and will not disrupt or alter the neighborhood.

We believe the new regulations are fair for all residents. They are a careful compromise that will protect our neighborhoods, while allowing carefully regulated rentals to those who visit the lovely Village of Rhinebeck.

To read the law in its entirety, go to the Village Website (Legal Notices):

Mayor Gary Bassett

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