Local Couple Gets Keys to Two Millionth Subaru Forester at Ruge’s Subaru in Rhinebeck

Rhinebeck, New York….Ruge’s Automotive announced that it was selected among nearly 700 dealerships nationwide by Subaru of America to deliver the 2,000,000th Subaru Forester. The delivery took place today at its Montgomery Street location in the Village of Rhinebeck, where Brian Gerber, resident of Pine Plains and New York, NY, was joined by partner John Reeser and dog Lucky as keys to the 2019 vehicle were handed to the longtime Subaru owner.

Asked what it means to be the recipient of the two millionth Forester, Gerber said, “It was such a surprise to get to do this, I’m so happy about it. And it’s a good thing the Forester has so many safety features because I’m going to be all over the road today, I’m so excited! This is the third vehicle I’ve purchased from Ruge’s; they’re honest, polite, straightforward. I really trust them.”

Said Barron Butler, Executive Vice President of Sales, Marketing, and Business Development for Subaru Distributors Corp., “We’re so honored to be here today and so proud of the Ruge family – there’s no better retailer for this milestone 2 millionth Forester delivery. Ruge’s is an oasis for customers who come in and are immediately introduced to what the Subaru brand is all about – they treat their customers with dignity and love, and their community involvement is amazing. They’re helping us make Subaru so much more than a car company.”

According to Butler, the Subaru Forester was first introduced in 1997, 2,500 were purchased that year. It took sixteen years to sell the first million, and only six years to sell the second million. In 2019, 180,000 Foresters have been sold nationally (and 700,000 total Subaru vehicles have been purchased in 2019). 

Noted James Foley, District Sales Manager of Subaru Distributors Corp., “It’s a tremendous privilege to deliver the two millionth Forester to Ruge’s, a longstanding dealership who have served thousands of loyal customers. And we look forward to many more!”

Joe Monaco, Director of Sales and Marketing, noted, “When Lewis Ruge became a Subaru dealer, which he pursued because it was a more fuel-efficient vehicle, it was more visionary than expected. Subaru has become one of the most popular brands in the marketplace; it’s no surprise that they’re delivering their 2,000,000th Forester. People love these vehicles.” 

Added Kristin Ruge Hutchins, President and CEO of Ruge’s Automotive, “It’s an absolute honor to have been chosen to mark this achievement right here in Rhinebeck at our family business. Subaru is a well-renowned brand with national and international reach; the fact that they selected Ruge’s Subaru in Rhinebeck for this moment in their history makes all of us really proud of how far we’ve come.”

Photo, L-R: Scott Hutchins, Joe Monaco, Chris Peterson, Brian Gerber, Lucky, John Reeser, Kristin Ruge Hutchins, Lewis Ruge, Chris Sherman

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