Garden Build Challenge

Backyard to Table (BYTT), a community organization based in Rhinecliff, NY, is excited to announce the 2019 Garden Build Challenge! We invite any and all residents of the Mid-Hudson Valley to apply for a food-producing garden, which we will help install. 


Through the Garden Build Challenge BYTT aims to increase food security and self-reliance in our region by demonstrating how easy and affordable it is to grow your own produce. Raspberries, blueberries, lettuce, carrots, zucchini, radishes and beans are just a few of the delicious treats that can be grown at home for a fraction of their costat the supermarket. Individuals, families, and organizations such as daycare centers, hospitals, community centers andlibraries are encouraged to apply. A total of three gardens will be installed this season. 


In an effort to make the gardens affordable, BYTT willoffer a cost-sharing program to split the expense of the materials with the selected applicants. In addition, BYTT will provide a site-specific garden design, help with the garden installation (courtesy of our volunteers), andprovide tips on simple sowing and growing techniques. The winning applicants will be paired with an experienced garden mentor for support during the first growing season. 


Additional information and the application to enter theGarden Challenge can be found here. Applications must be submitted by May 22, 2019.


Winners will be notified by May 29, 2019. 


If you have any questions, please email 



About Backyard to Table

The BYTT project was started in 2017 by Rhinecliffresident Sue Sie to help address food insecurity in the Hudson Valley. Approximately 9% of Dutchess County households and 10% of those in Ulster County are considered food insecure. That figure shoots up to 30% in Poughkeepsie. As a long-time backyard gardener, Sie has always been amazed at how much a small plot can produce. She enjoys sharing tips to make gardening less labor intensive and adapts highly productive gardens to even the most challenging sites and conditions. In addition to increasing food security and self-reliance, Sie notes, gardening is a highly therapeutic activity which nurtures our sacred connection to the earth.” 


Dig into Backyard to Table this season and have fun growing all sorts of fruits and veggies!  


To learn more about Backyard to Table, please contact: 


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