What do spirituality, cats, Harry Potter, yoga, forest bathing,
and Star Wars have in common?

Find out at an evening chat with Rhinebeck author Sarah Bowen as she shares from
Spiritual Rebel: A Positively Addictive Guide to Finding Deeper Perspective and Higher Purpose. (Monkfish; ISBN 978-1948626040; on sale June 11, 2019; $16.95)

Longtime Rhinebeck resident Sarah Bowen will kick off her national book tour at Oblong & Music, 6422 Montgomery Street, Rhinebeck on June 11, 2019 at 6:00 pm.

Sharing from the book, Sarah will divulge juicy tidbits from her own spiritual journey as well as spiritual practices that draw on ancient wisdom and modern pop culture to help anyone connect with their true calling. Afterwards, she’ll engage the audience in a no-question-too-irreverent Q&A and offer a book signing.


A preacher’s kid originally inspired by the Force of Star Wars, Sarah confesses her challenges with her birth religion, descent into addiction, and recovery into a life where everything can be sacred―including the wisdom of Yoda, meditating with her cat, and crashing spiritual spaces.

Bringing together insights from a wide range of traditions―from Taoism to Jediism to Yoga to Science―Spiritual Rebel encourages readers to explore their own personal spiritual style, deepest perspectives, and life purpose. Rather than relying on adherence to a specific belief system, Sarah guides readers to clarify the beliefs that are personally meaningful, redefine outdated concepts, mix and match practices, experience connection, and ask curious questions.

Mining the world’s philosophical, scientific, and religious traditions, Spiritual Rebel draws from spiritual masters as well as pop cultural inspirations to offer a three-week program of unconventional practices. Designed to create spiritual moments throughout the day, the practices invite healthful and heartful connections to self and others. For instance, on “Wonder-filled Wednesdays” exercises encourage readers to stop and contemplate the brilliance of life all around them. On “Seva Saturdays” readers are given ideas for practicing selflessness. Each day readers choose from a range of activities to try out including forest bathing, cat gazing, yawning, looking at art, or mindfully connecting with their community, just to name a few.

Spiritual Rebel is an indispensable guide for not only seekers and those in spiritual communities, but also agnostics, atheists, and the spiritual-but-not-religious. It is a book for anyone who desires meaningful spiritual experiences without having to commit exclusively to one path or having to fear they might be “doing it wrong.” The diverse collection of practices and resources will inspire the Force within you, by whatever name you call it.


Sarah Bowen is multifaith spiritual educator, inspired speaker, and aspiring Jedi. Passionate about the study of the world’s great faith traditions, Sarah is a graduate of One Spirit and has studied at Chicago Theological Seminary, Emerson Theological Institute, Chopra Center, and Omega Institute. As a member of One Spirit’s academic staff, Spiritual Directors International, and several recovery communities, Sarah seeks to help others connect with the higher power of their own understanding, in whatever way is meaningful. Especially interested in the intersection of spiritual values with animal welfare, Sarah is a fierce advocate for all creatures and currently serves as an animal chaplain.

Her first book, Void If Detached: Seeking Modern Spirituality Through My Father’s Old Sermons (Epigraph Publishing, 2017), received several awards including a Nautilus.

Sarah lives in Rhinebeck, New York with her husband, artist Sean Bowen, and two rebellious black cats named Deacon and Buba-ji, Picasso the rescued goldfish, Max the squirrel, and a backyard full of yet-to-be-named critters.


“In this modern-day approach, Sarah’s wisdom, wit, and knowledge take us on an illuminating journey of discovery. A must-read for anyone seeking to find or deepen their spiritual path.” – Francesco Mastalia, author of Yoga: The Secret of Life

“With a balance of careful scholarship and refreshing irreverence, Spiritual Rebel offers a treasure map to the best of the wisdom traditions, reimagined for a contemporary circle of seekers.” – Mirabai Starr, author of Wild Mercy and other books

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