There are two land use issues before the Town Board at this time that I would like for you to be aware of. We seek public input and would like to hear from you.

(1) Possible Donation of Town Land to the State Police for Permanent Barracks in Rhinebeck

Late last month I was contacted by Captain Harold Litardo, the Administration Captain of the New York State Police in Albany. Captain Litardo informed us that the New York State Police want to build a new barracks to replace the one that they rent on Route 9 and they want to remain in Rhinebeck. The station would be a 6,000 square foot, one story building and built on slab.

To that end, Captain Litardo is seeking a donation of three acres of Town land in order to defray the costs. Under Captain Litardo’s leadership, the State Police are moving away from their history of renting buildings to constructing, owning, and maintaining their own barracks across the state.

The Town Board is unanimously in favor of donating a piece of land. We believe that having the State Police presence in our Town is a great benefit to us, to the Village, and to the Fairgrounds. We reached out to our Pete Dunn, Village Police Sargent, Gary Bassett, the Village Mayor, and Kyle Eighmy, the Village of Rhinebeck Fire Department Chief, all of whom wholeheartedly support this initiative.

After a February 19th meeting with Captain Litardo; Amanda Cox, Counsel for the New York State Police; Kathryne Rhode, Captain of Troop K; Scott Hurley, Lieutenant of Troop K; Matt Sabia, our Assessor and myself, we determined that the most appropriate piece of land to consider for donation is part of a six acre parcel the Town owns on the south west corner of Route

The State Police would oversee the transfer of land from the town and obtain all local and state permits and approvals needed for the project. Additionally, because land was donated to the Town in lieu of recreation fees for a development years ago, we will need the State Legislature to approve the Town’s donation to the State Police. Captain Litardo’s department will oversee that process as well.

Captain Litardo will make a brief presentation at our

We would very much like to hear from you on this proposal. Please contact us at

Visit our Facebook page to see three photos of the following newly constructed State Police facilities:
1. Homer (Cortland County) in Troop C
2. Montgomery (Orange County) in Troop F
3. Chestertown (Warrant County) in Troop G

(2) Wireless Edge asks for Cell Tower Site at Thomas Thompson Sally Mazzarella Park:

At our February 25th Town Board meeting Wireless Edge, a local private company, made a presentation to the Town Board seeking to erect a 150 foot mono pole near the site of our new pavilion at the Thomas Thompson Sally Mazzarella Park.

According to Wireless Edge, this pole would be part of a plan that includes 6 to 7 new cell tower sites across the Town (one near the Bridge, one out east on Route 308, two across Slate Quarry Road, one north on 9G, and one south on 9 and/or 9G) which would theoretically provide a network of coverage in Rhinebeck.

The lease of the land to Wireless Edge could bring in a beginning revenue of about $16,000 a year to the Town. We are well aware of the less than desirable visual impact of

You can email


Lastly, with the appointment of Councilperson Brennan Kearney to the County Legislature, the Town Board is seeking candidates interested in serving on the Board. The appointment would be

Again, please email the clerks for an overview of Town Board Duties, our 2019 “To Do” List, and our 2019 Town Board liaison appointments. Anyone interested should send a resume and cover letter to:

If you haven’t already, you should sign up for monthly newsletter so you can access all our links without having to email us first. The clerks can add you to our e-list. Please come in and visit or contact me with your questions, concerns, and suggestions. I am in Town Hall weekdays, I promptly answer my emails at

With Warmest Regards,
Elizabeth Spinzia
Supervisor, Town of Rhinebeck


  1. Hi. Looks like you published this draft before it was finished. Several sentences are incomplete :). Check the end of paragraphs 6,8,9, and 15, 16, 17, 18 for missing information.

    Thanks for all the updates. Ann

    Sent from my iPad


  2. “… donation is part of a six acre parcel the Town owns on the south west corner of Route _ ” What route????

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