Red Hook, NY: Winnakee Land Trust is pleased to announce the signing of a new conservation easement in Red Hook donated to Winnakee Land Trust by the Jan Robin Groves Trust. The property is a 37-acre parcel located in the Town of Red Hook that was owned for many years by Ms. Groves, who worked with Winnakee to ensure her property would be protected in perpetuity.

Winnakee Land Trust of Dutchess County conserves our natural and agricultural resources providing a lasting legacy. Through the preservation of land and development of trails Winnakee promotes more resilient communities while engaging and connecting people to the cultural and scenic resources of the Hudson Valley. Working with local landowners to place easements on their property is one way Winnakee, a nonprofit organization based in Rhinebeck, achieves its mission.

A conservation easement is a voluntary legal agreement between a landowner and land trust or government agency that permanently limits uses of the land in order to protect its conservation values. “I am thrilled to have worked with Winnakee Land Trust to place my property into a conservation easement. I love this property and wanted to ensure its preservation for the future,” said new easement holder Robin Groves. “Winnakee made the whole process seamless.”

Explains Carl Meyer, President of the Winnakee Land Trust Board of Directors, “Easements offer landowners a unique opportunity to leave a legacy for future generations, preserving beautiful properties and habitats. The protected land remains in private ownership and is not taken off the tax rolls. Typical restrictions of an easement include the prevention of further subdivision and a limit on the number of homes that can be built. We are extremely grateful to Ms. Groves for embracing the opportunity to support land conservation efforts in this way.”

“The Town of Red Hook parcel is primarily a northern hardwood-hemlock forest with extensive wooded wetlands and an excellent habitat for amphibians,” according to Warren Rosenthal, Land Protection Manager at Winnakee.

As an accredited land trust, Winnakee not only protects farmland and natural habitats from development, but provides public recreational opportunities through its two parks—Drayton Grant Park at Burger Hill in Rhinebeck and Winnakee Nature Preserve in Hyde Park. Winnakee has established miles of public access trails and is continually working to add more.

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