The first Town Board meeting of the year, our Reorganizational Meeting, was held on January 2nd. During this meeting, we set our priorities as a Board. We reappointed all of our professional consultants; named our official newspaper and bank; appointed committee and statutory board members, staff and volunteers; set our salary schedule; and mapped out the order of business for the Town Board.

The Town Clerks and I spend a lot of time preparing for this meeting. We review contracts, negotiate rates, speak to committee and board members, look at old resolutions, initiate new hires by the Town Board, and make adjustments to our appointments and actions in accordance with our adopted budget and goals. Our “Reorg Meeting” helps to provide a map for the work to be done in the coming year.

Several very positive initiatives are moving forward this year. We are working on an RFP for a Master Renovation Plan for the Town Pool, Buildings and Playground. Our Consolidation Studies with the Village for our Courts and Highway/Maintenance Departments should yield some good information, and we continue to strengthen our model of “Working Together” with the Village, our neighboring municipalities, the County, and our partners in the non-profit world.

Each year I compile a Town Board “To Do” list (below), which includes projects that individual board members will oversee as well as issues that need to be examined and addressed. The list is aspirational and will, most likely, change as new issues arise during the year. We publish this both in the spirit of accountability and to elicit your input. Please take a look and let us know if you would like to suggest a specific project (or projects), or if you’d like to volunteer to help on one. There are ample opportunities to get involved with your local government, and we’d love your help.

Please come in and visit or contact me with your questions, concerns, and suggestions. I am in Town Hall weekdays, I promptly answer my emails at

With Warmest Regards and Best Wishes
Elizabeth Spinzia
Supervisor, Town of Rhinebeck


T/V Highway and Maintenance Consolidation/Shared Services – Complete Study
T/V Justice Court Consolidation /Shared Services – Award and Complete Study
Town Building, Zoning, and Process Study (Pace) – Disseminate Info to Public

Joint Town & Village Environment Committee – Food Composting Pilot
Complete NY Climate Smart/Green Community Certification
Continue Partnership with Riverkeeper – Water Quality
Continue Partnership with Scenic Hudson – No Amtrak Fences along River
Town/Village Emergency Coordinator – Work with County E911 to Update Emergency Protocols
Coordinate Village Roads to be paved by Village and Town Highway Departments

Finish digitizing all Building Department Records from 2017 – Present
Catalogue and enter all Building Department plans and maps into Municity
Crosscheck all information collected via Town-wide Reassessment Project with Building Permits
RFP for Town Pool, Playground, and Buildings Master Plan Restoration
Recreation Committee – Review Field Usage of Town Fields and Potential Fee schedule
Continue Town Wide Reassessment & Revaluation Project
Negotiate Highway Department Collective Bargaining Agreement for new contract
Support Town Conservation Advisory Board; seek new members and increase secretary hours

Explore Community Solar at Town Landfill
LED Grant – Study – switching from rented incandescent to Town owned streetlights
Create Trails Committee to explore Development of Walking and Biking Trails – Gardens to Village
Explore Naturalizing Field across from Library at TTSM Park for Pollinators

Local Zoning Laws/Zoning Review Committee– Review and Revise Use Table, Clarify murky definitions in our Zoning Law, and 9/9G and Town Gateway North Corridor Study
Revise Town Sign Law for 1st Amendment Consistency
Investigate Availability of State Funds/LWRP and Greenway Comp for Billboard Removal
Workshop and Adopt Town Historic Preservation Local Law
Adopt Workforce Housing Law
Adopt Solar and Wind Power Plant PILOT

Pursue Bed Tax/Room Tax for Town with NY State Assembly & NY Senate
Dog Park – Plan to Revitalize Membership or Dissolve IMA and Remove Park
Town Hall – Painting, Window and Exterior Restoration, and Screen for PowerPoint Presentations
Audit the Three Rhinebeck Fire Departments – all Calls Received vs Response Rate for All Calls
Town Seal Logo – ID cards, and Town Trucks
Amtrak Station PILOT in exchange for Amtrak taking over pedestrian bridge at station/waterfront
Lobby for Federal Funds for Amtrak Rhinecliff Station ADA Compliance
Lobby for State Funds for Amtrak Rhinecliff Station “State of Good Repairs” needed
Look at/Create Events Code – Events on State Roads need permitting by and fees to the State
TTSM Park Fields – Assess Interest from Sports Groups to Spearhead Development
Codify Town Vehicle and Traffic Laws
Start a Town Grant Writing Committee

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