Feldenkrais® Awareness Through Movement® Winter Workshops at Izlind


You may have read about the growing popularity of the Feldenkrais Method in the New York Times or the Washington Post this past year.

Feldenkrais is a somatic (body-based) awareness practice that uses gentle movement and focused attention to help you learn new and more effective ways to move—in your body and in your life.

It’s gaining notice for its ability to alleviate pain, increase flexibility and coordination, and improve range of motion. As you improve how you move, you also become more of who you really are, meaning the benefits go beyond just feeling better in your body.

Jenn Brown, an authorized Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement teacher and a meditation coach, is offering a series of 3 Feldenkrais workshops this winter at Izlind Integrative Wellness Center in Rhinebeck.

All ages and conditions are welcome. Lessons will be on the floor and no previous experience with the Feldenkrais Method is necessary.

Register now: https://www.izlind.com/workshops-classes

Sunday, December 9
2:00 – 4:00 pm
@ Izlind in Rhinebeck
$45 (Save $10 and register for all 3 winter workshops for $125.)

Discover how the Feldenkrais Method of somatic education can improve how you move. Through gentle, mindful movement and focused attention, you will build self-awareness and release old habits and patterns that limit you and cause pain. As the body and brain begin to talk to each other in new ways, you will find new possibilities of movement that give you greater ease in the everyday tasks of living, including walking, sitting, and even holiday shopping.

Saturday, January 19
10:00 am – noon
@ Izlind in Rhinebeck
$45 (Save $10 and register for all 3 winter workshops for $125.)

Stress. Too much time at the computer. Bracing against the cold. Whatever the reason, many of us walk around with our shoulders hunched up and our neck frozen in place. When this pattern of movement becomes a habit, it can cause stiffness and pain. Come spend a few hours practicing gentle movements that will help your shoulders relax and your neck move more freely. You’ll leave with a new awareness of yourself and a little more breathing room to get you through winter.

Saturday, February 9
10:00 am – noon
@ Izlind in Rhinebeck
$45 (Save $10 and register for all 3 winter workshops for $125.)

Do you know where you are in space, or do you live a short distance from your body (to paraphrase James Joyce)? Do you have access to how you feel from the inside? The Feldenkrais Method is a gentle movement practice that uses intention and attention to increase your self-awareness and improve how you move. As you learn new ways to inhabit yourself, you will not only move with greater ease, but you will find yourself becoming more of who you are.

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