Informational Sessions for Residents on Town-Wide Reassessment Project (Revised–please note new times)

As we begin our Town-wide Reassessment Project we will be conducting informational sessions for the residents to attend in order to have a better understanding of the project that we are undertaking.  These sessions are YOUR opportunity to be informed and to ask questions.  We encourage people to attend.  We believe that an informed public will make for a much smoother and extremely successful project.

The sessions will be held at Town Hall and conducted by Tyler Technologies.  Tyler Technologies is the company that the town has contracted with to complete our reassessment project.  Staff from our Assessor’s Office will be working hand in hand with Tyler Technologies throughout the project.

At the informational sessions we are expecting that residents will leave with a better understanding of the Reassessment Process.  We will cover:

1.    The Reassessment Timeline
2.    The Data Collection Process
3.    The process that property owner can use to correct data or values
4.    How values are determined
5.    A review of frequently asked reassessment questions
6.    Misconceptions about reassessment

The meeting dates that are currently scheduled are listed below and our Town Website will have a complete list of dates and times for these information sessions.

Tuesday, July 10 between 6-8 PM at Town Hall
Saturday, July 14 at 10 AM at Town Hall

We look forward to seeing you!!!