Rhinebeck Animal Hospital Assessing the Current Risk of Canine Influenza


Some of you may have heard about the recent Canine Influenza (CIV) outbreak in Brooklyn, NY and New Jersey.  As with all forms of influenza, it is very contagious.

Rhinebeck Animal Hospital administers a canine influenza vaccine that protects against both known types of canine influenza.  It is important that you are able to make an informed decision about whether or not to vaccinate your dogs. Please click HERE to take Rhinebeck Animal Hospital’s customized risk assessment survey to help you decide whether or not to vaccinate your dog against Canine Influenza.  For more detailed information on influenza and vaccination options, please see Rhinebeck Animal Hospital’s CIV Info & Recommendations.

Boarding at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital
At this time, we do not require the influenza vaccine for boarding unless the pet has recently visted an “at risk” area.  These “at risk” areas include various parts of the U.S., especially New York City, and New Jersey.  Please email or call us with any questions about “at risk” areas.  Although the vaccine is not required for most dogs, we highly recommend that dogs that board, attend day care, visit dog parks or groomers, and have an active social lifestyle get vaccinated. Due to the increased risk of CIV and other respiratory diseases, dogs that are actively coughing due to an unknown cause will not be permitted to board at Rhinebeck Animal Hospital.

Basic CIV Vaccine Information
It is important to understand that full immunization takes about 5 weeks if the pet has not previously been vaccinated. The initial vaccine protocol is: first vaccination given, then 2-3 weeks later a vaccine booster is given and full immunity is achieved about 2-3 weeks later. After the initial vaccine series, the vaccine is given once annually as needed or warranted by current influenza distribution/conditions.

Useful Links
Overview Video on CIV (Posted January 2018)
Cornell CIV Map (Note: Their data takes time to refersh and as of today, the Brooklyn cases are not represented.)

Please do not hesitate to email info@rhinebeckanimalhospital.com or call us at (845)876-6008with any questions.

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