Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company to perform at Kaatsban

Kaatsbaan is pleased to welcome back the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company (ESDC) to its stage on Saturday, June 2, 2018 at 7:30 pm.  ESDC is celebrating its 27th anniversary season in 2017-18.  As Artistic Director Ms. Sinopoli has created over 75 works since founding the company.  The company’s collaborations with visual artist, sculptors, architects, composers and musicians, poets and storytellers, videographers, photographers and physicists have served to bring together artists from a wealth of genres.

The company will be performing two unique multi-media works.  Sleepwalks:  The Body of Dreams (2016), a multimedia dance performance based on collective dreams. Creators include sound/video artist Andrea Williams, artist Lee Pembleton, scientist Todd Andersonand the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company.  The performance is based on dream journals and biosensor data from two overnight SleepWalks soundscape performances that took place on September 2nd & 9th, 2016 at the Chapel + Cultural Center in Troy, NY. Soundscape improvisations for sleeping dreamers were performed by musicians Lee Pembleton and Andrea Williams. The theme of WATER encouraged water-themed dreams as well as collective dreams. The overnight SleepWalks component explored the effect of sound on dreaming, especially on collective dreaming. Outcomes included individual dreams that incorporated the entire group, single participants, or one of the musicians.

AFT.er is a dance, music, and digital art performance at the intersection of expressive movement and computational interfaces. This multi-media project aims to open a dialog about the different ways technology sees the body, and the way we, as human beings, see ourselves. Collaborating artists include digital artist David Allen, composer Maria Zemantauski and the Ellen Sinopoli Dance Company.

Kaatsbaan is a nonprofit, professional creative residence and performance facility situated on a 153-acre historic site in Tivoli, NY.  Founded in 1990, it provides dance companies, choreographers, composers, set designers and all dance artists with a setting where they can create and showcase new work, rehearse, perform and develop new productions.  It serves dance communities across the US and around the world.


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