Grand Cru and M.Salamone : Riding the Rails Sunday May 6th, 2018 – 1pm

typo… yikes!

Rhinebeck Community Forum

There’s a underground homeless movement that run the rails throughout the country. I happened to bump into a few of these individuals that had just hopped off a freight car.

Riding the rails, not such a crazy way to travel for these young adults . They have today’s technology- (a list of free Wi-Fi hot spots), (railroad digital scanner frequencies)—are common resources. There’s even a dumpster diving app.

This year at Grand Cru I’ll give you a peek of a few faces that are riding the rails along with those amazing freight cars!

But that’s not all! This year we have the pleasure of having the Cool Jazz Sounds of Sean Gallagher !

SAVE THE DATE ! May 6th for the
“official” opening at the Cru.

Light refreshments.

Meet the artist. Featuring a sampling of works by M.Salamone – Signed Framed Posters and the cool jazz sounds of

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