April 13, 14 & 15, 2018
Rhinebeck High School Drama Club is proud to present its 2018 spring musical, The Production of Disney and Cameron MacKintosh’s Mary Poppins, a musical based on the stories of P.L. Travers and the Walt Disney Film. With original music and lyrics by Richard M. Sherman and Robert B. Sherman and book by Julian Fellows. New songs and additional music and lyrics by George Stiles and Anthony Drewe. Co-created by Cameron Mackintosh.
Disney and Cameron Mackintosh’s Mary Poppins is an enchanting mixture of irresistible story, unforgettable songs, enthusiastic dance numbers, and memorable stage magic. At the opening of the show, Bert, (Jonah Carleton) a jack of many trades and the show narrator, informs us that something big is about to happen at the Banks household at #17 Cherry Tree Lane. Jane and Michael Banks (Elena Raccuia and Sarah Palastra) are constantly misbehaving, and Katie Nanna (Maddy Crews) – the latest in a long line of nannies – has had enough. Upon her leave, George Banks (Alejandro Garces) asks his wife, Winifred, (CeCe Chiappina) to place an advertisement in the newspaper for a new nanny. The magic begins when the children write their own ad and Mary Poppins (Grace Johnson) arrives on their doorstep, fitting the children’s requirements exactly.
Using a combination of magic and common sense, Mary begins to teach the Banks Family how to value each other again. In addition to turning the house into a place that can be fun despite the scowls of the housekeeper Mrs. Brill (Sarah Wood) and her sidekick Robertson Ai (Olivia Scott), Mary Poppins takes the children on a series of magical adventures with her long-time friend, Bert, tagging along. Through these adventures, the children begin to see the world and their relationship to others in a new way.
As Mary Poppins begins to win over the children, George fights change and insists on maintaining order and convention. Things begin to go very wrong for him though, when he is blamed for passing on a deal at the Bank where he works and is suspended without pay. At the same time, Winifred tries to live up to her husband’s ideals of precision and order. After failing once more at having a dinner party of socialites, she struggles to understand her role within the family and begins to model Mary to find herself. As the story progresses, the seasons change and so do the mindsets of the characters involved. In the end, her job done, Mary Poppins says her goodbyes and flies off to her next task. Although the Banks family is sad to see her go, they are glad to have learned how to value each other once more.
Set under the backdrop of a typical English countryside, 1910 London skyscape and magical environments, painstakingly constructed and painted by the RHS Stage Crew,  Mary Poppins’ storyline is built around an exciting score including a plethora of musical theatrical favorites including  “A Spoonful of Sugar,” “Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious,” “Chim Chim Cher-ee,” and “Feed the Birds.”
In addition to the central figures in the show, a host of supporting characters animate the stage keeping the show active and entertaining. Among them, Nelius (Hunter Mesuda) transforms from a Greek statue into a real boy, Mrs. Corrie (Sahara Williams) and her daughters, Annie and Fannie (Exchange student, Moureen Haider & Nicole Prout) provide literal conversation pieces at the park, The Bird Lady (Rachel Dull) teaches a lesson in generosity, while the discarded doll Valentine (Caleb Stone) leads a gang of mistreated toys in revolt, and Miss Andrews (Maddy Murphy) entertains us in a battle of wits and will with Mary. In total, a cast, crew, and band of over 70 talented students are committed to a production that is nearly four months in the making. Rhinebeck High School’s director, Cynthia Baer, states, “The students put a tremendous amount of time and effort into all aspects of the show; vocal and instrumental rehearsals, choreography and blocking rehearsals, set construction and painting, not to mention the time it takes for memorization. Their courage, commitment and excitement is what makes the magic happen for me.”
Baer continues work with a top-notch creative team of adults; Sandy Kane, vocal director; Marla Ulrich, music director, Roberta Andersen, choreographer; Linda Sutherland, accompanist; and Joe Baer, technical consultant. May Rossi joins the team this year as the show’s costume designer.
The performances for Mary Poppins are Friday, April 13 and Saturday, April 14 at 8pm with a Sunday matinee, April 15 at 2pm. Tickets for reserved seating may be purchased on-line at www.Rhinebeckcsd.org. Click on the ‘Purchase Tickets’ link. Beginning April 2, tickets can be purchased in- person at the HS Main Office, Mon – Fri between 11am – 2:30pm. Tickets will also be available on the day of each performance at the box office 1 hour prior to show time. Tickets are $10.00 for adults, $8.00 for students, seniors and children ages 10 and under. Checks should be made out to Rhinebeck Extra Classroom Fund. Credit card payments will be accepted on-line only. Sorry, all purchases are final; no refunds and no exchanges. For further information call 871-5500 x5151.
APRIL 13, 14 & 15, 2018
Mary Poppins                                                  Grace Johnson
Jane                                                                  Elena Raccuia
Michael                                                            Sarah Palastra*
Bert                                                                  Jonah Carleton
Mrs. Banks                                                      CC Chiappini
Mr. Banks                                                        Alejandro Garces
Katie Nanna                                                    Maddy Crews
Mrs. Brill                                                         Sarah Wood
Robertson Ay                                                  Olivia Scott
Bank Chairman                                              Lyla Andrick
Admiral Boom & Mr. Punch                        Zachary Bocchino
Miss Lark                                                       Carolina Dickens
Mr. VanHussler & Valentine                        Caleb Stone
Mr. Northbrook                                             Emily Lyons
Policeman & Messenger                               Luc Stone
Bird Woman                                                  Rachel Dull
Mrs. Corry                                                     Sahara Williams
Fannie                                                            Moureen Haider
Annie                                                              Nicole Prout
Miss Andrew                                                 Maddy Murphy
Queen Victoria & Miss Smythe                   Isabel Barreto
Nelius                                                             Hunter Mesuda
Isabel Barreto
Zach Bocchino
Dylan Cho
Maddy Crews
Carolina Dickens
Rachel Dull
Moureen Haider
Maddie Murphy
Radha Nori Lahiri*
Ade Romero
Leila Ransome
Eleanor Butler*
Ashliegh Zolko
Danika Jackson
Makena Jackson*
Johanna Doyle*
Joey Dull*
Julia McNulty
Nicole Prout
Olivia Scott
Luc Stone
Caleb Stone
Sarah Wood
Morgan Wells
Sahara Williams
*8th Grade
John Fleming – reeds
Gillian Kroll – bango/guitar
Emma Kroll – flute/percussion
Elaine Albahary – flute
Cidney Cassano – flute
Cam Cantine – trombone
Jake Bancroft – bass
Cole Dixon – trumpet
Jake Long – trumpet
Helen Fleming – reeds
Betty Gibbs – Piano
Zach Bocchino
Mia Naglier
James Ayton
Charles Derbyshire
Molly Stark
Monica Martinez
Sofia Brizzi
Georgia Plambeck
Thomas Stark IV
Khedop Lodoe
Sofia Brizzi
Jake Halpern
Jack Madigan
Oliver Salchert