HOLY WEEK AND EASTER SCHEDULE 2018 at The Church of The Messiah

Palm Sunday—March 25, 2018
On this day we reenact the procession of Jesus into Jerusalem with palms and special music. Immediately, though, we are in Holy Week as we hear the story of the passion or arrest of Jesus. 8:00 AM Blessing of Palms on Parish Hall lawn followed by procession to the Church and Holy Communion with meditation and reading of the Passion
10:00 AM Blessing of Palms on Parish Hall lawn followed by procession to the Church
accompanied by music for highland bagpipes; celebration of the Holy
Eucharist, reading of the Passion
Maundy Thursday—March 29, 2018
On this day we commemorate the last night Jesus spent with his disciples, and began the tradition of a shared meal of bread and wine, now known as Communion. This year we will be introducing a new service as part of our remembrance of the Last Supper. At 6:30 pm we will gather in the parish hall for a pot luck supper in the midst of which we will celebrate communion. We hope this will be a time of informal sharing as we gather as a community, much as Jesus’ did two thousand years ago. After communion in the parish hall we move over to the church where, we remove all the decoration and embellishments of the church interior. By tradition our prayer book allows us to place some of the consecrated bread and wine from this evening’s service in church. Then following Jesus’ request at the garden at Gethsemane that his disciples watch while Jesus prayed, we will keep watch in church throughout the night dividing the time into hour intervals from 9pm Thursday until 12 noon on Good
Good Friday. 6:30 PM Pot luck supper and Holy Eucharist in parish hall, followed by stripping of the Altar in the Church.
9:00 PM-12:00 Noon Prayer Watch in the Church continuing throughout the night.

Good Friday—March 30, 2018 This year we are switching the times of our liturgies for Good Friday. At noon we will gather for Communion, special prayers and music and the reading of the Passion. At 1:30pm we then gather, weather permitting, for an outdoor service of Stations of the Cross when the acts and traditions of Jesus’ crucifixion are remembered. The meditations at each station are written by Fr. Richard especially for our service. Then at 3:00 pm we will solemnly toll the tower bell as we remember Jesus’ death on the cross. 12:00 Noon Liturgy of Good Friday, Music and Hymns with Choir and Communion from the Reserved Sacrament
1:30 PM Outdoor Stations of the Cross (weather permitting)
3:00 PM Solemn tolling of Tower Bell
Holy Saturday—March 31, 2018
9:30 AM Prayers of the day and Decoration of Church
Easter Sunday—April 1, 2018
8:00 AM Holy Eucharist with music and Sermon
10:00 AM Festival Holy Eucharist with Brass Quartet and our Choir, Hymns, and
11:30 AM Reception in Parish Hall, Blessing of Easter Baskets, Easter Egg Hunt

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