IMPORTANT- Rhinebeck, Rhinecliff, Tivoli, Barrytown, Cheviot, Germantown, Livingston, Hudson, Greenport

You  have 13 days to comment!!
Amtrak wants to build a fence that will block people’s access to the Hudson River. The fence will go from Rhinebeck to Stuyvesant. At this writing, comments are due by 4:30 p.m. Thursday, March 29, 2018. Comments should be addressed to the NYS Department of State, Office of Planning, Development & Community Infrastructure, One Commerce Plaza, 99 Washington Avenue, Albany, New York 12231. Telephone 518 474-6000; fax 518 473-2464; email: If you could sign both, it would be great, but the first one here, is the official one and most important.

Amtrak wants a wall

GERMANTOWN—Amtrak has proposed a “fencing project” along its Right of Way at the Hudson River, from Rhinebeck to Stuyvesant. The railroad cites safety concerns as the reason for the fence, but Germantown and possibly other communities that border the river are concerned that the plan will block access for recreation, fishing and fire protection and rescue.

The progress of the fence plan involves the Dutchess County communities of Rhinebeck and Tivoli, which already have Local Waterfront Revitalization Programs (LWRPs) in place, so the proposal has to go through a federal consistency review with the state Coastal Management Program and the LWRPs.

It was Tivoli officials who received the Amtrak proposal and shared it with the Germantown Local Waterfront Study Committee.

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Brendon Chorney wrote: Attention Fishermen and Women:
On January 18,2018 a Federal Consistency Form was sent to Albany requesting to install Impasse Fences along the Hudson River from Rhinecliff to Stuyvesant. CSX owns the land, but it is maintained by Amtrak. The Impasse fences (8200) linear feet would reduce all existing public access along coastal water and severely hinder our offshore fishing!

We must speak out against this proposal and ban together as one voice before it’s too late!

This is not a debate !

Just informing everybody what the railroad is trying to do.. We can not allow this to happen. We have beautiful scenery and fishing at our disposal with the Hudson River. We can not allow them to limit access to our very public waters.


Please contact your local County executives, small town and village governing boards, and also federal representatives and make your voice heard. Thank you!“



Joseph Varlaro  of  Northern Dutchess Archery LLC.’s wrote:

The public comment period starts 3-14-18

The NYS Dept. of State is reviewing a proposal from Amtrak for fencing and gating at a number of areas between Rhinecliff and Hudson.

The contact at DOS who is reviewing this proposal is Matthew Maraglio. Citizens concerned by the RR’s proposal should contact him.
Phone # 518-473-3371