Rhinebeck Village Informational Notice Issued Thursday, December 14, 2017

Village of Rhinebeck
Mayor Bassett attended the Regional Economic Development Council Awards today at the Empire State Plaza where the Village of Rhinebeck received a grant for $32,000.
This grant will be used to adapt the low lift pump station, a component of the Village’s water system, to increase its resiliency in the face of future flooding exacerbated by sea level rise.  The pumps draw water from the Hudson River and pump it to the water treatment plant for processing prior to distribution to Village water customers.  They are located at the Village’s water treatment plant property on Slate Dock Road in the Town of Rhinebeck.  A Vulnerability Assessment of the Water System determined that the pumps would be vulnerable to flooding from future sea level rise projections by the year 2021.  In the Vulnerability Assessment, it was recommended that the pumps be flood-proofed with vents and electrical components raised to protect the equipment.  Based on the life of the equipment, this will ensure resiliency of the LLPS through the 2050s.
Trustee Neuneker liaison to the Water Dept. and Crawford Engineering submitting the grant as part of the 2017 Climate Smart Communities Grants.
The Link to the entire list of Regional Economic Development Council Awards is:

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