Rhinebeck Mayor Announces Plan to Offer Geothermal to Homes in Village of Rhinebeck through Dandelion Energy


First-of-its-kind Deal Sets Precedent for Village-Wide Renewable Heat Deployment

December 13, 2017, Rhinebeck, NY – Last night, at the Village of Rhinebeck Council meeting, Mayor Gary Bassett announced his intention to give Right-of-Way to Dandelion Energy, the geothermal heating and cooling company started at Alphabet’s research & development lab, “X”. This first-of-its-kind initiative was met with support from the Village of Rhinebeck Board and the meeting’s public attendees.

The Right-of-Way will take form of an easement, allowing Dandelion to install and own ground loops, the most expensive and cumbersome part of geothermal installations, on village property alongside the street in front of homes. The ground loops will be installed at no cost to the town or homeowners, and homeowners will then have the option to connect to the ground loops and purchase renewable thermal energy, similarly to how homeowners with access can decide to hook up to natural gas. Dandelion estimates homeowners in the Village of Rhinebeck can save
thousands of dollars a year by switching off of heating oil and onto geothermal with Dandelion. Part of Dandelion’s technical innovation has been developing a small, fast drill that can install ground loops at significantly lower cost than a conventional drill as it rolls down a block, as Right-of-Way allows for.

“By enabling Dandelion to install ground loops along the Right-of-Way in the Village of Rhinebeck, we remove the biggest barrier to homeowners adopting geothermal,” said Mayor Bassett of the Village of Rhinebeck. “When the loops are installed at no upfront cost, homeowners can seamlessly switch and save thousands of dollars on heating each year, eliminate carbon monoxide risk in their homes, and reduce air pollution for our neighborhood.

It’s a no-brainer” Kathy Hannun, CEO of Dandelion, said, “The Village of Rhinebeck is a setting an exciting precedent by making low-cost, renewable heating available to its citizens. We look forward to a future where more and more communities follow the Village of Rhinebeck’s lead and provide homeowners with access to affordable geothermal.”

The Village of Rhinebeck, like many areas of upstate New York, does not have access to natural gas. Geothermal, under the Dandelion model, achieves even better affordability and convenience than natural gas, without the emissions, risk of gas leaks or hazards of carbon monoxide poisoning.

After receiving unanimous positive feedback from the Board last night, Mayor Bassett plans to bring the easement to a vote at a Village meeting in January. If the easement is approved, Dandelion will begin signing up homes in February and bring the Dandelion Drill to Rhinebeck for the first-ever Village-wide installation in mid-2018.

About Dandelion

Dandelion is a home geothermal company that launched as an independent company in June 2017 after developing technology at Alphabet’s X (formerly Google X). Dandelion offers a breakthrough renewable heating and cooling solution that allows homeowners to save money when switching from most other heating types. To learn more, visit us at: www.dandelionenergy.com

About the Village of Rhinebeck

The Village of Rhinebeck was incorporated in 1834 and exists within the Town of Rhinebeck, County of Dutchess, and State of New York. The Village functions as a jurisdiction of government separate from the Town of Rhinebeck and is governed by a Mayor and four Trustees. The Village covers 1.6 square miles and is home to 2657 residents. The Village operates a Justice Court, Police Department, Fire Department, and Street Department as well as Water Treatment and Wastewater Treatment Facilities. The Village of Rhinebeck enjoys a rich history and serves as the community center and hub of commerce within the Town.


  1. I did comment on this earlier but in a discussion with another village resident there was mention that there may be only a limited number of people able to connect to this service — is that true and how does one get on the list?

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