2017 Rhinebeck Spring Tree Planting- Big Success. Fall Planting Around the Corner!

Led by the Rhinebeck Village Tree Commission members, the Spring Tree Planting
held on April 29, 2017 was a terrific success! The call brought in an impressive
number of volunteers on a very fine spring morning.

The first to show at the 9am meeting point at Hobson’s appliance was our newly
elected Mayor Gary Basset, followed by an eager array of friends & neighbors from
our village, town and beyond, including Community Garden members, and students
from Rhinebeck High School. As has been our great fortune for many successive tree
plantings, Thomas Johnson and Nick Monaco were towing the line and helping the
ship sail smoothly.

The focus area for the spring planting was on the south side of the village. The
digging began at the triangle bearing the ‘Welcome to Rhinebeck’ sign on Route 9 &
Closs Drive- a grouping of three crabapples were gracefully planted to greet those
approaching our Village from the south. A total of 13 trees were successfully planted
by 1 pm, in residential areas along South Street, Violet Place, Huntington Road and 3
more at the Starr Library. An Oak was replaced at the Town Hall where another
from last year’s planting perished, and an established Japanese Maple was donated
to the Legion Park in honor of Drew Monaco by her parents Nick & Sheri.

Our Fall Tree Planting is scheduled for Saturday morning November 4, 2017. We
will be meeting near the Baptist Church on the Montgomery Street and beautifying
this approach into Rhinebeck; our efforts will include replanting trees along Astor
Drive where several ancients sadly needed to come down this past year. We have
eighteen trees set to plant and hope to see you there!

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