10th Annual Sinterklaas! An Old Dutch Tradition in the Hudson Valley Announces Details of 2017 Star Party and Artisan Craft Fair


1-46-Sinterklaas 2011 Stars

Rhinebeck, New York…..Sinterklaas! An Old Dutch Tradition in the Hudson Valley, now in its 10th year, today announced dates for its upcoming Star Party and Artisan Craft Fair. The Star Party is scheduled for Sat., Nov. 4th at the Beekman Arms, and the Artisan Craft Fair will be held on Sun., Nov. 19th at the Rhinebeck Town Hall. Both events are essential fundraisers for Sinterklaas.

Sinterklaas, a non-denominational event inspired by the Hudson Valley’s Dutch heritage, is organized by hundreds of volunteers and supported by local businesses, individuals, and foundations.

Says Jeanne Fleming of Hudson Valley Community Productions, who coordinates Sinterklaas every year (and is widely known as the artistic and producing director of the famous New York Village Halloween Parade each year), “our fundraising efforts are critically important to our success every year; these benefit events allow us to bring this magical event to our community. The support of our neighbors, friends, and businesses is at the heart of it all.”

Fleming continued, “The Star Party will wow and delight all who join the fun. We will be celebrating this year’s Honored Animal, the Elephant, and its ties to our area (the Mastadon – come to the event to learn more about that connection!). The Snow King and Queen will bestow the celestial flame upon earthly caretakers, the Keepers of the Flame (the Banta family, who own the Beekman Arms and have longtime ancestral connections to the original Dutch of Rhinebeck) will pass the flame to the 2017 Holders of the Flame, the Hoolihan/Kruger family. It is an enchanting, uplifting experience to be there; in the spirit of the entire Sinterklaas event, the party is full of energy and a real feeling of connectedness. And, of course, the event culminates with a big reveal of this year’s new signature Sinterklaas star!”

The suggested donation for the Star Party is $50 and includes hors d’oeuvres and libations. Reservations are required, but no one will be turned away at the door.

The Artisan Craft Fair on November 19th at Rhinebeck Town Hall, which features works for sale by 25 local artists and craft artisans, is free of charge and open to the public. Visitors can purchase framed art, pottery, glass, jewelry, photography, textiles, and more. Gift wrapping is included with purchase of arts or crafts.

For more information on the fundraising events or to make a direct donation, visit www.sinterklaashudsonvalley.com or email sinterklaashudsonvalley@gmail.com

About Sinterklaas! An Old Dutch Tradition in the Hudson Valley

A non-denominational event, Sinterklaas joins residents and visitors alike, people of all ages and backgrounds, in a memorable celebration of children, art, and the light of the winter season.

“…just a smile away from Whoville with a hint of It’s a Wonderful Life.”

—Huffington Post

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