Rhinebeck Central School District seeks a New Community Representative to Serve on The Board of Education Audit Committee




Rhinebeck, NY – The Rhinebeck Central School District is presently seeking an interested community representative to serve as a volunteer on the Board of Education Audit Committee.  The Audit Committee consists of three members of the Board of Education, appointed annually.  We are seeking a member of the public to serve as a representative from the school district community.  The committee typically meets monthly, and the new community representative will be required to attend at least (4) four meetings each year.  The responsibilities and duties of the Audit Committee are advisory in nature and include (but are not limited to):


  • Recommending appointments of the External Auditor
  • Meeting with the External Auditor prior to the commencement of the annual audit
  • Reviewing and discussing any risk assessment of the school district’s operations with the External Auditor
  • Reviewing the draft audit report and management letter and assist the full board in interpreting them
  • Recommending the acceptance of the annual audit report
  • Reviewing the corrective action plan and assisting in the implementation of such plan
  • Appointing and overseeing the Internal Auditor


Members of the Committee shall perform their duties in good faith, in a manner they reasonable believe to be in the best interests of the Committee and the District, with such care as a generally prudent person in a similar position would use under similar conditions.
Interested community members should contact Whitney Druker, Rhinebeck CSD District Clerk at wdruker@rhinebeckcsd.org; or call (845)871-5520 extension 5532; or submit a hard copy of the application to Whitney Druker, District Clerk, Rhinebeck CSD, P.O. Box 351, Rhinebeck, NY 12572.  Applications are due by Friday, September 29, 2017.

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