Rhinebeck: Church of the Messiah Food Pantry News

Summer is in full swing at The Jayne Brooks Food Pantry.  Over the past several weeks we have been able to offer a bounty of fresh produce from local farms and community gardens, as well as from the gardens of local residents.  We have our own farmers’ market!  We also are enjoying an abundance of enthusiastic help from our young people in these weeks of school vacation.


During the first half of this year we received many generous donations from successful community food drives, and from local residents and organizations.  Many thanks to all of you who participate in these efforts.  We are increasingly enhancing the nutritional value and variety of our offerings.


So far this year we have served 213 different households, with more than half of them coming from areas to the south of Rhinebeck. Typically as we approach the fall we have an increase in the numbers of households that register, as well as an increase in numbers of weekly visits.


As we anticipate the return to school, we are once again providing packages of school supplies for our clients, thanks to special donations for this purpose.  We are also partnering with a school in one of the more troubled areas of our community, to provide school supplies and “backpack” food for children who sometimes don’t get enough to eat. We continue to offer donated books to the children of our pantry clients.


We once again offer our sincere thanks to the dozens of very willing volunteers and members of the community who provide us unfailing support.


If you would like more information about the Food Pantry please email or call:


rhinebeck.episcopal@gmail.com  or 845-876-3533

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