Omega R&R Getaway Retreats

Plan Your End-of-Summer Getaway

There’s still so much more to explore this summer. Book your getaway to Omega today with one of these exceptional programs.

Advanced Mediumship

Explore mediumship as a career in this certification training with Lisa Williams.

Riding the Wave of Consciousness

Connect to your soul’s true purpose with Eben Alexander and Karen Newell.

Rise Sister Rise

Tap into your potent power in a community of women with Rebecca Campbell.

The Mindful Path to Habit Change

End bad habits using a combination 
of ancient and modern teachings with 
Hugh Byrne.

Way of the Supernal Light

Explore the metaphysical enigmas of 
the supernal flame with philosopher 
Neil Kramer.

Soul & Synapse

Bring more meaning, connection, and equanimity into your life with Dan Siegel.

Sacred Gathering of Elders

Offer transformative prayers for the world with the indigenous grandmothers.

Reclaim Your Vitality

Discover a 30-day healing protocol for women with Kelly Brogan and Swaranpal Kaur Khalsa.

Omega R&R Getaway Retreats

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