The Tick Project

Mayor Gary Bassett is sharing the following message received from Shannon Duerr Study Coordinator, The Tick Project

“The Cary Institute of Ecosystem Studies, along with several partner organizations, has begun researching two safe tick control methods in select neighborhoods around Dutchess County. Several of our study neighborhoods are located in the Village of Rhinebeck. Residents of your village may see work being done on properties that have chosen to join our study. I’ve attached a letter describing some of our activities so you’re familiar with what we’re doing.

If any of your residents have questions about our research, please encourage them to contact me at this email address or at 845-677-7600 ext. 286 and I’d be happy to help them.  If you’d like to learn more about our study you may contact me or visit our website at

“We’re excited to be working in your area!”