Announcing the resignation of Rhinebeck Village Trustee Scott Cruikshank effective May 9, 2017

Scott Cruikshank has been an invaluable member of the Rhinebeck Village Board. Among other things, he has served as Liaison to the Zoning Commission, Planning Board, and Fire Department. On May 9th, I received a letter from Scott letting me know he was resigning as Trustee to the Village. One thing about Scott Cruikshank is that when he makes a decision, he has carefully thought it through and considered every angle. I know that this was not an easy decision for him.

Scott has always been, and will continue to be, deeply committed to Rhinebeck, and has served the Village as Trustee. We all see the results of his hard work in many ways. He worked diligently to update our  Zoning Code, thus protecting the identity of the village for years to come. Our Fire Department has updated equipment and improved operations thanks, in great part, to his diligence.

It has been a great personal pleasure to work with Scott. I know him as a public servant and consider him a friend. Scott Cruikshank’s dedication to the village and his work to make it a better place are his passion. And, he has assured me that when needed, he will always be here to lend a hand.  And I am certain he will continue to contribute to our community in many ways.

I know we all wish him the best and offer him our thanks for his service.

Gary Bassett
Mayor Village of Rhinebeck
76 East Market St.
Rhinebeck, NY 12572

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