Village of Rhinebeck: Update



Mayor Gary Bassett selected Brant Neuneker to fill the open Trustee seat, vacated by Bassett when he was elected Mayor in March. The swearing in took place on May 9.

Brant is a former real estate attorney and broker, who resides in theVillage with his wife Alisa, a college instructor. Their two children attendRhinebeck schools. He holds a business degree from Western Illinois University and graduated from The John Marshall Law School.

Brant successfully served two full terms as a Village Trustee several years ago and then was a member of the Zoning Board of Appeals and Zoning Commission for the Village. The commission has been tasked with rewriting the zoning code.

Taking his place on the Board, Brant said, ”I am very Grateful to Mayor Basset for my appointment to the Village Board and I look forward to the challenges ahead. As liaison to the Water Department, I am determined to help make the water line replacement project on Rt. 9, Chestnut, Livingston, and Platt Avenues a successful project. As a member of the Zoning Commission, I will diligently assist the other members and theVillage Board to enact our proposed code revisions into law. We have a good group of Village Board members and staff and I am delighted to work with them.