Rhinebeck and Hopewell Junction, New York…..MOST Physical Therapy announced today that it is bringing its signature “Headache Therapy Program,” which was first launched in Millbrook, to its Rhinebeck and Hopewell Junction locations.


According to In the Global Burden of Disease Study (2013) migraines are the sixth highest cause worldwide of years lost due to disability. Headache disorders collectively were third highest. (World Health Organization,


John Roger PT, DPT, partner at MOST Physical Therapy, who is based in the MOST PT Rhinebeck location, says, “The burden for headache sufferers is often unnecessary. This program has been incredibly successful at our Millbrook site, and we are thrilled to make it more convenient for people who live or work in Southern Dutchess, Northern Dutchess, and the communities surrounding our Hopewell Junction and Rhinebeck locations. People who deal with chronic headaches deserve to be able to easily access the care needed to resolve the issues and enjoy quality of life again.”


The MOST Physical Therapy Headache Therapy Program begins with a full evaluation to rule out serious medical concerns in collaboration with each patient’s physician. The assessment will not only attempt to find out what type of headache it is (migraine, cluster, musculoskeletal etc) but the cause. Causes can include but are not limited to cervical problems, stress, poor posture and body mechanics at work, muscle imbalances and  tick-borne illness. The therapist will then design a personalized program based on these finding and may include soft tissue massage, craniosacral techniques, cervical mobilization, traction, cold LASER, biofeedback & various exercises including relaxation training, strengthening and postural correction exercises.


Jon McKenna, PT, DPT, partner at MOST Physical Therapy based in the Hopewell Junction office, adds, “there are countless people who suffer from headaches, and they can be caused by any number of things  – stress, tension, poor sleep habits, musculoskeletal deficiencies – whatever the case may be, our goal is to address underlying issues and provide relief without the use of prescription drugs.”


In addition to the Headache Management Program, MOST Physical Therapy offers comprehensive physical therapy services, including: pain management, surgery rehabilitation, weight management, injury rehabilitation, balance and fall prevention, personal training, and much more. The company has locations in Rhinebeck, Hopewell Junction, and Millbrook.


For more information, visit or call 845.876.8220.

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