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Courtesy of Sharpimagesphotographic.com PICTURED: Rotary District Governor, Louis Turpin (far left) Quinnipiac College professor & Nobel Peace Prize nominee, David Ives (center) Rhinebeck High School teacher, Gideon Moore (upper right) High School Student attendees at the recent Nobel Peace Prize Laureates conference in Bogota

The Rhinebeck Rotary Club, at a meeting on Monday, March 27, 2017 at the Beekman Arms, hosted seventeen local high school students who had attended the recent Nobel Peace Prize Laureates conference in Bogota, Columbia.


Led by Quinnipiac College professor and head of the college’s Albert Schweitzer Institute, David Ives, and joined by faculty from Rhinebeck High School, the students were among 2,000 young people from 28 countries who attended the conference. Mr. Ives is, himself, a recent nominee for the prestigious Nobel Peace Prize.


The recent conference, the sixteenth since its establishment in 1999 by former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev, consisted of intensive panel discussions led by an array of Nobel Peace Prize Laureates, including Shirin Ebadi, Lech Walsea, and Jody Williams, smaller breakout sessions, and myriad cultural and social events.


Local entrepreneurship, the role of women in the economy of emerging nations, and an end to the nuclear arms race were all topics of discussion. Of particular concern to the Rhinebeck students was the proliferation of nuclear weapons in the 21st century and the real possibility of accidental or intentional nuclear conflict.


As one student eloquently ended her presentation, she quoted one of the Laureates: “You don’t have to solve the whole problem – find out what YOU can do and then do it!”
The Rhinebeck Rotary Club meets on Mondays at 12:15 pm at the Beekman Arms throughout the year and is a humanitarian organization dedicated to enhancing the lives of others through various local, national, and international community service projects. Regular club meetings typically feature guest speakers who cover a variety of human interest topics. For information on how to become a member of the Rhinebeck Rotary Club, to reserve a speaker’s spot, or to inquire about attending a meeting to hear a specific speaker, contact Lou Trapani at 845-876-3088.

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