A benefit for the Morton Memorial Library & Community House


Beginning March 31, the Community Room at the Morton Memorial Library in Rhinecliff will be transformed into a multi-media time capsule depicting life for the average middle class family from the 1950s to the present time.  Each weekend features a new short play representing a different time period, complete with memorabilia, costumes, games, and more.  Digital images of the Hudson Valley’s changing seasons mark the passage of time, beginning with spring (1950s) and ending in winter (present time). 


DADDY’S GIRL by Nadeen Currie / March 31 & April 1 (7-9pm)

It’s spring 1950, and Dorothy and Jack Divine promise their newborn daughter “The American Dream.”  Fast forward to 1968, and the Divines are faced with the horrifying truth that their little girl is all grown up and the nation is on its way to a steady decline.

SHUTTLECOCK by Dana Page / April 7 & 8 (7-9pm)

Summer ushers in the 1970s and 80s, a time when disco balls, roller rinks and divorce dominate the lives of Starr and her best friend in this hilariously nostalgic reminder of the high times.  By the 1980s, Starr is ready for college and can’t get away from her constantly bickering, embarrassing parents fast enough.  *Adult situational comedy for mature audiences only.

LIVE FREE OR DIE by Elaine Fernandez / April 21 & 22 (7-9pm)

Fall is filled with the changes and challenges of the 1990s, from the dawn of the World Wide Web to the Cable News Network and the birth of NAFTA.  Young Adam Conley comes home from college with big plans for his future, only to find that his dreams are not what his family had in mind for him.  

THE NOTE by Marianna Boncek / April 28 & 29 (7-9pm)

Winter arrives, and a young woman accidentally discovers a suicide note written by someone she doesn’t know who is about to lose everything.  Unsure of what to do, she decides to return the note to the author.

Tickets: $12 at door or $40 for all 4 shows.  All tickets sold at door.  Anyone wishing to purchase four tickets can do so opening weekend.

Info: 518-256-0714 or email:

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