Village of Rhinebeck Snow Removal Update

I would like to extend a big thanks to Deputy Mayor (and Highway Department Liaison) Howie Traudt and Village Superintendent of Public Works John Fenton for their work coordinating Friday’s snow removal operation.  Howie, John, and I started working on this plan while it was still snowing on Tuesday and John’s communication with the Town, County, and private contractors was critical to making this happen.  John had arranged for private contractors to assist with hauling snow from the business district and all was set for Friday morning at 6:00 AM.

Thanks also to Sgt. Dunn of the Village Police Department for coordinating the additional coverage for traffic control and to the Officers that made themselves available for additional duty.  At one point on Thursday, it looked like the County was going to provide equipment and personnel to assist our Highway Crew, but those resources were later diverted elsewhere.  Instead, the County assisted by directing additional private contractors to help in the Village and agreed to share the cost of this help.

In addition to help from the County, the Town Highway Department provided equipment and personnel to assist with the cleanup.  Thank you to everyone who has contributed to both the planning and execution phases of this project.  Snow was cleared today from East and West Market Streets and Route 9 south of the traffic light to allow for safe parking and improved access to the Village Center for the weekend.

Please be aware that snow removal will continue on Monday morning starting at 6:00 AM north of the traffic light on Route 9.  Our Highway Department will be working to widen travel lanes and improve visibility throughout the Village next week.  Your ongoing patience and cooperation is greatly appreciated.

Heath Tortarella
Village of Rhinebeck
(845) 876-7015