Letter to the Editor : To the voters of the Village of Rhinebeck

Having served as the Mayor of the Village of Rinebeck, I had the pleasure of working with some very talented and dedicated individuals. Three of these people are running for re-election on March 21st. Incumbent Mayor Heath Tortarella, Deputy Mayor Howard Traudt and Village Justice William Sanchez have been instrumental in leading Rhinebck in a positive direction. There have been a multitude of things to be addressed and they have not shied away from any of them. Increasing efficeincies in Village Hall, police and fire departments, water, wastewater, highway and courts are all areas they have tackled. Shared services with the town and county, sidewalk improvements, handicap crosswalks are other areas they have worked at diligently. Planning and zoning, historic preservation, tree plan are all things that have a dramatic affect on the quality of life of the Village residents and they have put them as priority issues. I know these men and their families. They love their community and are there for one reason and one reason only, to serve the Village of Rhinebeck an it’s residents and preserve the wonderful village they all call home. A vote for Heath, Howie and Willie is a vote for open, honest, non-partisan government and is exactly what the Village of Rhinebeck needs. I urge you to support these fine men that I am lucky to be able to call friends.
Jim Reardon
Former Mayor
Village of Rhinebeck

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