In the past few years we have taken steps to catch up on deferred maintenance at Village Hall and improve the efficiency of our operations.  The first step was to transition one of our highway employees to a new position at Village Hall.  In this role, our Maintenance Worker has been able to repaint the entire interior of the building and catch up on small maintenance issues throughout the interior and around the exterior of the building.  He also cleans both the Village Hall and Police Department, which was previously performed by a contract service.  John Raimondo has been a welcome and much needed presence at Village Hall where he also maintains our walkways, our landscaping, and both the municipal and village hall parking lots in addition to assisting the Highway Department with leaf pickup, snow removal, and other projects.  In the past, our Village office was staffed by a Clerk/Treasurer, a Deputy Clerk, and a part-time clerk.  With increasing demands, we decided to alter this configuration and split the role of Clerk/Treasurer.  If you have visited Village Hall in the past two years you have likely met Village Clerk Pat Coon, Deputy Clerk Krissy Denu, and Village Treasurer Karen McLaughlin.  This change resulted in much more efficient work-flow and has helped us improve the management of our finances as well as our customer service.  Another big change was the creation of the position of Superintendent of Public Works and Code Enforcement.  This position is the first of its kind in New York State and took much work to create, but it has certainly kept John Fenton busy.  By combining these two roles, it has allowed us to have a Code Enforcement Officer available 5 days/week and allowed for improved oversight and cooperation between our Highway, Water, and Wastewater Departments.  Before you meet anyone at Village Hall, you will notice our most visible improvement, which was the installation of touch-activated accessible doors to our entryway.  Last year, in cooperation with the Town of Rhinebeck, we repaved and striped the Village Hall parking lot, creating additional parking spaces.  I believe we should take pride in the way all Village owned property looks and the way it is maintained and I will continue to look for every way to improve the efficiency of the services we provide to our residents.

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