Letter to the Editor: In Support of The Democratic Slate by Deirdre d’Albertis

I am writing to urge residents of Rhinebeck to take part in the democratic process as it is unfolding in our own community.

Although town and village elections are sometimes described as outside party politics, this is not the case. Values are always important, but never more so than right now. The Democratic values of transparency, cooperation, and inclusiveness are needed in local government more than ever. Our local elected officials need to work effectively with county and state government in order to represent our interests and to uphold our values.  For that reason, I ask you to consider supporting the Rhinebeck Democratic slate of candidates: Gary Bassett (Mayor), Gina Fox (Trustee), and Ric Lewit (Trustee).

I have known Gary Bassett for many years as a fellow volunteer with the Rhinebeck-Rheinbach Exchange.  I know no one more selfless in terms of civic life; as a volunteer fire fighter (1st Assistant Fire Chief in Rhinecliff) and village trustee, he has served all segments of our community generously and with distinction. Gary is progressive, fair-minded, and deeply interested in environmental issues.   After 35 years as a development manager at IBM, he is currently working hard as an engineering manager to bring clean energy to our region. He will stand up for us whether he is fighting to protect clean water in the Hudson River or in our homes.   Gary takes the time to understand local context and consequences for legislation; he truly listens before he acts.   Mutual respect and shared services have and will continue to characterize his approach to good governance: communication, transparency, and cooperation are key.  He knows that a town or village cannot “go it alone” in today’s world.

Please join me in supporting Gary Bassett for Mayor along with his colleagues, Gina Fox and Ric Lewit.  If you are not eligible to vote in village elections on March 21st, talk to your friends who are. We need to come together behind a forward-looking candidate, someone dedicated to conserving the natural beauty and historic character of Rhinebeck so central to the life and economic health of our village and town.  Make no mistake: your vote matters. “It starts here. It starts with us.”


Deirdre d’Albertis

Rhinebeck, NY

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  1. To the Editor:

    After former Rhinebeck mayor Jim Reardon resigned before his term expired,
    I was mildly surprised to see the Rhinebeck Village board elect Heath Tortarella mayor.

    Most perplexing was that a board comprised of two Democrats, an Independence Party member and one that belonged to no political party chose the unaffiliated board member to be mayor.

    Regardless of how the choice was made, after attending a meeting with Heath presiding as mayor, he so impressed me with his obvious preparation and knowledge that I came away convinced that he was the right person to be mayor I was then, and still am, convinced that he is by far the best choice to be Rhinebeck’s mayor.

    Paul E. Niedercorn

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