Adjustment to Aging support group returns to Rhinebeck hospital


Rhinebeck – An Adjustment to Aging support group will meet for 10 weeks from 9:30 to 11 a.m. Mondays between April 24 and June 26 at the Center for Healthy Aging, 6529 Springbrook Ave.


This small, private therapy group will help participants having difficulty adjusting to the many challenging life transitions related to aging. There will be discussions on common aging experiences, managing difficult emotions, significant everyday challenges and grief after loss. Participants will learn effective coping skills for managing anxiety, reducing stress and finding peace with the aging process. Registration is required.


“People often come to me because they are feeling overwhelmed by the myriad challenges of getting older,” said Allison Gould, social worker at the Center of Healthy Aging and support group facilitator. “Compared to individual counseling, group therapy is a powerful process that supports people in their adjustment to aging, as it is, by nature, an experience that often leaves people feeling isolated and alone.”


To register, call the Center for Healthy Aging at 845-876-4745 (TTY: 800-421-1220).