Rhinebeck, New York (Hudson Valley)….The Gallery@Rhinebeck, a commission-free venue designed to showcase the fine art, sculpture, and handmade jewelry of local artists, has announced that it will be hosting an event to honor Autism Awareness Month (April). The not-for-profit organization located at 47 East Market Street has partnered with Anderson Center for Autism to showcase the talent of artists from Anderson; an opening reception, free of charge and open to the public, will be held on Tuesday, April 4th from 6-8pm.


The exhibit will feature work by adults in the Anderson Center’s Expressive Outcomes program, an initiative for adults with autism that provides opportunities to experiment in visual, spoken, and performing arts. In addition, there will be artwork on display by students/residents in the children’s program.


“The staff and member artists of the Gallery@ Rhinebeck are dedicated to giving back to the community through public service initiatives like this one, and we are all very excited about featuring artists from Anderson Center for Autism. Our hope is that it will help raise awareness about the neurological disorder which impacts 1 in 68 individuals, and this highly respected local organization and their tremendous work in this field” said Gallery @Rhinebeck executive director Pat D’Antonio. “Our goal is to match artist volunteers with established service organizations, and you can’t be more established and respected than the Anderson Center. Working with Eliza Bozenski,  Kelly Dooley, Patrick Paul and Jessica Mathews and their artists will be a great experience.”

“We’re very pleased to partner up with the Gallery@Rhinebeck to provide an enhanced artistic experience for our residents,” said Kelly Dooley, public relations and marketing manager at Anderson Center for Autism. “The gallery is going to provide a pool of volunteers to bring out the best in our residents, and this art show at the gallery will showcase some of the amazing skills our residents posses.”


The mission of Anderson Center for Autism is to optimize quality of life for individuals with autism.

The art show to honor Autism Awareness Month will be on display at the gallery@Rhinebeck from April 5th-April 15th.


All are welcome to attend the opening night reception on April 4th at 6:00 PM.


For more information about this and other events scheduled at the new Rhinebeck gallery, visit