Second in importance, only to public safety, is a government’s ability and willingness to exercise fiscal responsibility.  As a taxpayer, I respect the hard work that goes into every dollar earned and spend our collective money even more carefully than I spend my own.  We have delivered budgets under the tax cap for the last 2 years and I plan to deliver another budget under the tax cap in the next few weeks.  More important than adopting these budgets, we have kept spending within these budgets which has allowed us to reverse a downward trend and increase our fund balance to a five-year high at the close of our last fiscal year.  In addition to these budgeting and spending successes, we have established and funded a contingency line to allow for emergency spending without jeopardizing our fund balance and restored funding to our capital reserves to allow for larger purchases such as police, fire, and highway vehicles.  I am committed to a focus on efficiency versus spending and will continue to respect your hard work that produces our tax dollars.