Mayor Tortarella on the Village Highway Department

 Our crew that consists of a Working Foreman and 3 additional Motor Equipment Operators is complimented by a full-time Maintenance Worker stationed at Village Hall and seasonal workers that help with leaf pickup and snow removal when necessary.  Their contribution to public safety cannot be ignored and when storms bring snowfall or falling trees, our highway crew is quick to respond and restore safe passage on Village Streets.  In addition to maintaining our streets and storm drainage system, this team also maintains our parks and public spaces in the Village.  Over the past few years, we have analyzed the essential functions of our department and compared our operation to other similar municipalities in order to increase efficiency and establish an optimal staffing pattern.  Deputy Mayor Traudt was instrumental in bringing the Big Belly trash compactors to our Village and together we developed a plan for snow removal using our own equipment and crew, saving thousands of dollars each time.  Howie and I have been researching options to improve our leaf and brush removal process and we have talked to municipalities from suburban Buffalo to the Capital region and throughout the Hudson Valley.  We have met with vendors, hosted demo equipment here in the Village, and traveled to other municipalities to see their processes at work.  In 2017, you will see our dueling backhoe approach to leaf pickup retired, but the first priority this year is the paving of Montgomery Stre

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