Mayor Tortarella on the Village Water Department

When one considers public safety, police and fire services are the first functions that come to mind, but our public water supply cannot be ignored in this conversation.  The Water Department’s most obvious contribution to public safety may be the Fire Hydrants that bring water to our firefighters when and where it is needed and we have systematically been replacing our oldest hydrants over the past few years with hydrants that meet current standards.  We have taken steps to prevent the contamination of our system and made improvements that enhance the security of our system at both the Water Plant and the Reservoir on Hilee Road.  We were awarded a grant to study vulnerabilities at our treatment plant and are working closely with our engineers on a plan to protect the plant against potentially catastrophic flooding.  The Village’s biggest infrastructure improvement project in the near future will be an upgrade to the department’s aging distribution system that lies below our Village streets.  This project will help ensure that Village residents, Rhinecliff residents, and other Town residents served by the system have access to safe and clean drinking water for generations to follow.  I am committed to seeing this project through to completion and making all other necessary improvements to secure our water source for the future.