RHINEBECK, N.Y.–Luis Perez of Rhinebeck has published his first novel, Catharsis, Maldonado’s Journey through Grief.

According to Perez, “Catharsis invites the reader to examine the impact of grief through the narrative of William Maldonado, an aspiring scholar who harbors sorrow over personal losses.”

“Grief is such a relevant topic that the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) recently added the concept prolonged grief disorder as an official psychiatric diagnosis. I wrote this book because we all experience grief. We all know what it is to experience a slashed dream or a broken heart,” said Perez.

“Maldonado’s Quixote-like journey will provide the reader with enduring lessons on the importance of discerning what grief is trying to teach us. Pain can be one of life’s greatest master teachers,” Perez said.

The novel employs flashback and humor to show how subterranean sorrow has made Maldonado vulnerable to wrong-minded decisions which eventually lead him to prison and then to a half-way-house. As he grapples with his grief, he blames the world, and in particular, a former business partner and mentor, who, he discovers, has emerged unscathed from the scandal that sent Maldonado fleeing for a decade. That discovery thrusts him on a path of revenge and into the world of church politics. It takes the whims of fate and new friendships for Maldonado to realize the importance of coming in touch with his pain in order to experience redemption.

“At a time where the soul of our nation grieves as a result of prickly race relations, political polarization, and senseless acts of violence, I believe that the characters and message of this book can create awareness, elevate our national discourse, and provide healing,” added the author. 

For more information, visit lrperezbooks.com or email: luisperez@lrperezbooks.com .

About the author: Luis R. Perez is the pastor of the Rhinebeck Reformed Church since 2003. He has studied at the Columbia University Graduate School of Journalism, Yale Divinity School, New Jersey City University, and Jersey City’s Public School. He has written and reported for newspapers in Connecticut and in New Jersey.

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