Mayor Heath Tortarella on Public Safety and The Rhinebeck Fire Department


The Village Fire Department is staffed 100% by volunteers and serves the larger community through contracted services to the Town of Rhinebeck.  In addition, the Department’s ladder truck serves as a regional resource and our rescue squad partners with Hillside Fire District to provide coverage in their portion of the Town.  Our dedicated volunteers responded to a record number of calls in 2016 (1003) and stands ready to answer the next call for help 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, 365 days per year.fd-ladder-over-diner  In the past few years we have invested in critical safety upgrades to both vehicles and equipment and added a small utility truck to the fleet.  We have added electronic patient care record software and installed in-vehicle computers to allow for improved scene management.  In 2017, the delivery of a new fire engine is expected.  This truck will serve as our primary attack engine and replace an apparatus that is almost 30 years old and has outlived its functional life expectancy.  On a budgeting note, we have restored funding to the capital reserve fund that will allow for the purchase of future trucks with saved money instead of borrowed money.  Our membership is solid and recruitment is continuous.  Thank you to Chief Kyle Eighmy and all of our Firefighter and EMS personnel for your selfless service and immeasurable contribution to our Village and Town.  As your Mayor, I have and will continue to support the Rhinebeck Fire Department in every way that I can.  I will ensure that the bravest among us continue to receive adequate funding to support the critical services that they provide.