It is my feeling that the first priority for any government must be to ensure the safety of the residents that it represents.  Our Police Department continues to serve our residents with honor, dignity, and respect on a daily basis and supports the larger community through contracted coverage to both the Town of Rhinebeck and the Rhinebeck Central School District.  The Department is staffed by one part-time Sergeant, 12 part-time Police Officers, and one part-time Clerk.  In 2016 our Officers responded to 1667 calls for help and worked with the Dutchess County Fairgrounds, multiple road races, Porchfest, Sinterklaas, and others to provide traffic control and ensure that everyone who visits is able to enjoy themselves in a safe environment.  We have recently secured grants allowing our department to upgrade to a live scan fingerprint system and replace aging in-car computer systems.  In support of their efforts over the past few years, we replaced the Department’s SUV, replaced each officer’s bulletproof vest, and upgraded a variety of equipment that will allow them to continue with their mission to protect and serve in an ever changing environment.  We are back on track in terms of managing our vehicle replacement plan and restored funding to the department’s capital reserve fund.  Thank you to Sergeant Peter Dunn and all of our Police Officers for your commitment to the welfare of this community.  As your Mayor and Chief of Police, I will ensure that this Department continues to receive the funding and support it needs to keep our community safe.