Caucus resuls from the Rhinebeck Democratic Party Jan 28th, 2017

Rhinebeck Democrats came away from their bi-annual election caucus on Saturday, January 28th energized by an unexpectedly large turnout of over 100 residents. 

The upsurge in attendance reflected the injection of energy coursing through the local Democratic party and its progressive allies, including Hudson Valley Strong.  

A single paper ballot showed overwhelming support for the three nominees in the upcoming Village election, 

* Gary Basset for Mayor

* Gina Fox for Trustee

* Ric Lewit for Trustee

The Democrats also extended bi-partisan support for Judge William Sanchez, a registered Republican, in his bid for another term as Village Court Judge.  

The Village Mayoral incumbent, Heath Tortarella, also made a bid for Democratic Party support.  Tortarella, an independent, who will run on the Republican line, failed persuade the vast majority of Democrats who turned out Saturday looking for new leadership.  

Much of the morning was devoted to a lively debate that focused key campaign issues. 

Many of the caucus participants expressed their concern that Rhinebeck needs a forward looking government–at all levels–capable of overcoming the internal divisions that have hampered the recent Village administration.  

Rhinebeck Democrats is open to all registered Democratic voters in the town and village of Rhinebeck. Our unifying mission is “to develop and promote an effective Democratic agenda designed to solve problems at the local, county, state and national levels.”

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