Rotarians Host Deputy Commissioner of New York State Department of Labor




The Rhinebeck Rotary, at a regular meeting at the Beekman Arms on Monday, January 9, featured as its guest speaker James Rogers, Deputy Commissioner of the New York State Department of Labor.


Mr. Rogers described his major responsibility: enforcing the state’s regulations on wages, work conditions, and pollution and added that he will be happy to meet with all employers regarding the State’s minimum wage increase.   


Mr. Rogers endorsed the cap of a $15.00 per hour minimum, which will be phased in over the next several years, and explained that there will be regional differences in the cap, as well as differences based on the size of an employer’s work force. Caps in upstate New York for firms with a relatively small work force will be, he said, lower than for firms based in New York City.


Mr. Rogers went on to say that the State is suffering from a lack of capital, which he noted was the result of fluctuations and unwise practices on Wall Street, and is also witnessing the decline of labor unions, which currently represent only about 11 percent of the State’s workforce, down from a high of 30 percent.


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