OPEN AUDITIONS – Frazier Room at the Starr Library

Open auditions for four new short plays.  “The Note” by Marianna Boncek, “Shuttlecock” by Dana Page, “Daddy’s Girl” by Nadeen Currie, and “Live Free or Die” by Elaine Fernandez.  

The Plays are part of a larger multi-media art show depicting life for the average middle class family from the 1950s to now.  Casting for male and female roles, ages 14 to 70.  Performances in April.

Details: / 518-256-0714


Sunday 1/22 from 2-4pm

Tuesday 1/24 from 6-8pm

Auditions will be held in the Frazier Room at the Starr Library, 68 West Market Street in Rhinebeck.  


BERTIE: Older woman—mid 50s to 60s. She is common sense from head to toe.

MARGE PHILLIPS: A woman in her 60s. Very worn and tired.  

JACK DIVINE: Male, 40 something  (He ages from 28 to 46 during the course of the play.)  A WW2 Veteran and a conservative, neurotic dad of the 1950s/60s.

LINDA JEAN: Female, 18-20 years old. Flower child of the late 1960’s.

RUSSELL:  Male, early 20s. Draft dodging hippie dude of the late 1960’s.

WENDY:  Late teens, early 20s – ditzy, desperate and willing to do anything for a boyfriend.

STARR: Late teens to early 20s – smart, sarcastic, bitter and full of angst.

UNCLE MERV:  Late 40s-early 50s – A Vietnam vet.  Sleazy, inappropriate and snarky.

RUSSELL KUPIAK:  Late 40s – early 50s – Russell is high energy, irritating, nerdy type of normal, emotionally unavailable Dad.