Rhinebeck Blogger Meridith Ferber’s Finding aMERIca: Flittering Fingers

Flittering Fingers

Author: meriferber

I’m back.  I left the traveling life and returned to a more regular and, surprisingly, hectic existence.  This hasn’t left me with a lack of things to write about but it has left me with limited time to sit and put my thoughts down.  While I’m no longer traveling across the country, I still find myself moved by everyday occurrences and I find that I am compelled to stop and take them in while my sense of wonder with this world is renewed.  I’m still driving a lot, but not in North Dakota; now it’s to golf-lessons, jiu-jitsu or school.  I still make myself laugh every day, I think it’s a balm for the soul that sadly goes unused by most.  So, I hope you enjoy my latest musings centered around my new circumstances.  Most will be upbeat, some deep and some just plain salty – but I know someone out there will connect and that’s good enough for me.

Now, let’s talk about school drop-off.

We all do the school drop off occasionally, whether the kids are running late, WE are running late, the bus doesn’t come, whatever, we still have to pull up our UGGS over our pajama pants, cradle our coffee carefully in our hands and drive our offspring to school. Well, if you, like me, aren’t ready to function before my 3rd cup of coffee and burning hot shower, then you too cannot handle the flittering-fingers that make their appearance every morning at 8:50 and afternoon at 3:45.

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