Rhinebeck BLOGGER: Liz Walkden

The Sweet Talk

November is Diabetes Awareness Month. At this time every year, I talk (more than usual!) about diabetes. I do this in honor of my four-year-old granddaughter, M, who lives with type 1 diabetes. Before M was diagnosed in 2014, I thought I understood what diabetes was. In my mind, it was a self-inflicted condition caused by junk food and lack of exercise. Basically, I believed it happened to fat, lazy people who drank too much soda. My notion was challenged to the core when M — a lively, fun, active, slim, healthy child — was suddenly in a life-threatening condition in the PICU at Albany Med with the diagnosis of type 1 diabetes. Once the initial shock had subsided, another myth was busted: Insulin was not a “cure.” It’s what M would need to be injected with several times a day to stay alive.

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