The DASH Ensemble to perform at Kaatsbaan Saturday 11/5/16 at 7:30 pm

The DASH Ensemble to perform at Kaatsbaan

Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.

 All Tickets – $10.00warehouse-lo-aa

Kaatsbaan International Dance Center

120 Broadway, Tivoli, NY

Prudence Garcia-Renart 845-757-5106 x2 or 10


Kaatsbaan is pleased to present The DASH Ensemble on Saturday, November 5, 2016 at 7:30 p.m.  The DASH Ensemble was founded in 2009 under the artistic direction of Gregory Dolbashian.  Since then the company has performed at numerous venues in and around New York City, including JOYCE SoHo, New York Live Arts, Central Park SummerStage, The Gershwin Hotel, The Skirball Center, New York University’s Jack Crystal Theater, and The Guggenheim Works & Process Series.

Combining elements of modern, hip hop, floor work, and physical theater, Dolbashian has created a unique style of contemporary dance with an urban flair. The DASH seeks to evoke relatable human elements in all of its work, using complex and challenging movement language to express ideas about love, loss, war, growth, and determination. Birthdate (–) Death Date; the dash indicates lifespan. The DASH is life, and everything the company’s work focuses on is about that life. Regardless of how big or how small, the events that comprise our lives are always epic.

Prior to their performance on November 5 The DASH Ensemble will be in residence at Kaatsbaan working on Everything, a largely contemplative work, centered on the introspective turn, and ultimate fracture, of the narrator. Guided by the looping repetition of a recording of Dolbashian’s own voice, the dancers collectively and individually attempt to navigate their way through the maelstrom of this internal space. The movement that structures the piece is at once physically impressive and distinctly human, resulting in a surrealist reality that is simultaneously familiar and fantastic. The Everything, act I is segmented into a series of solos, with each individual vignette delving further into the narrator’s mind. Each soloist is pushed to resolve the problems unearthed by the dancer before them, physicalizing and bringing meaning to the voice-over, “You keep hiding behind you.” Dolbashian’s collaboration with dramaturge Bill Williams has resulted in this fusion of theater, dance, and storytelling that utilizes the technologies of theater without sacrificing the physicality of the choreography. The goal of this production is to create work that is entertaining, yet provocative, and to present audiences with a concept with which they can not only identify, but will also incite their introspection.

Kaatsbaan is a nonprofit, professional creative residence and performance facility situated on a 153-acre historic site in Tivoli, NY.  Founded in 1990, it provides dance companies, choreographers, composers, set designers and all dance artists with a setting where they can create and showcase new work, rehearse, perform and develop new productions.  It serves dance communities across the US and around the world.